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Topic: Why Financial organizations should be at the forefront of Cloud Native Networking revolution and why does it matter?


  • Thomas Graf - Creator of Cilium project and CTO of Isovalent
  • George Gaál - Senior DevOps Expert, Raiffeisen Bank Russia
  • Nicolas Busseneau - Senior Software Developer, Isovalent

Date: 7th July, 2021
11:00 AM CET till 13:00 AM CET (12:00 MSK till 14:00 MSK)

Tune in to learn how Cilium helps with:

  • Gaining visibility and weaving compliance and security governance throughout the DevOps processes.
  • Operating and complying with industry regulations and internal controls — such as Traffic Encryption, Open Banking, GDPR, PCI-DSS, ATM security, etc.
  • Embedding Policies/Security into your entire application development and Network lifecycle to avoid engineering debt Kubernetes could create
  • Building internal and external ecosystems using a platform-based API approach to enhance the customer experience.
  • Starting the Kubernetes the right way to avoid technical debt and its consequences.


Cilium - Backbone of  Kubernetes in Networking, Security, and Observability

Join this virtual event designed for financial services organizations to learn how to overcome the shortcomings of Kubernetes in Networking, Observability, and Security for creating a robust Networking and Security posture.

The goal is to achieve improved observability, maintain security controls, and weave in security governance for Kubernetes environments in On-prem/Hybrid/Multi-Cloud environments including AKS/EKS/GCP/OpenShift/Rancher/SUSE, etc..

We will go over the power of Linux Superpower eBPF and Cilium - the only fully eBPF-based Container Networking Interface. Cilium (cilium.io) is running the world's largest K8s deployments such as Capital One, Raiffeisen Bank, Post Finance, Google Cloud, AliCloud, SAP, Telenor, Adobe, Datadog, Palantir, and many other large-scale environments.

Conference Telegram channel

We invite all the conference participants to join and ask your questions, get answers and lead a discussion in parallel throughout the webinar.




What is Cilium

 What is eBPF

 Why Cilium is pivotal for every Kubernetes deployment

Finance use cases for Cilium

 Creating a data plane with Cilium that includes VMs and Bare-Metal

 Presentation from George Gaal - Raiffeisen Bank Russia

 Hands-on Workshop ( 30min demo, 15min Q&A )

 Closing and next steps (15min)


Cilium Enterprise

eBPF powered Networking, Observability, and Security.


White Paper

Security Сompliance & Forensics

Demo Video

Identity-aware Event SIEM Export