Meet the KubeCon Speakers from Isovalent

Begin your week at KubeCon Europe with a beautiful, Spanish sunset in Valencia
and a networking dinner event with the speakers and leadership team from Isovalent.

When: Tuesday, May 17, 19:00-22:00 (after co-located events)
Passeig de Neptú, 32 - 46011 Valencia (Directions) 

We would like to invite you to this intimate “Meet the Speakers” dinner that will be hosted on a Spanish terrace at the beautiful oceanside of Valencia.

You will have a wide range of opportunities for the evening - from a casual conversation to an exchange of ideas with several creators of Cilium, eBPF maintainers, Cilium experts and peers from the industry,  - all while enjoying the evening.

The Isovalent team at KubeCon:

Isovalent is cool because it enables Platform Teams to dramatically improve the performance, visibility, security, and scale of #Kubernetes networking by injecting security and logging capabilities directly into very low levels of the Kubernetes stack (the operating system kernel). Gartner
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Thomas Graf
Cilium Co-creator, CTO, Co-founder, KubeCon Speaker

Liz Rice
Chief Open Source Officer, former CNCF TOC Chair and
KubeCon Speaker

Dan Wendlandt
CEO, Co-founder

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 11.27.49

Duffie Cooley
Field CTO and CNCF Ambassador

Bill Mulligan
Community Manager, KubeCon Speaker

Daniel Borkmann
Co-creator and co-maintainer eBPF and Cilium, KubeCon Speaker

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Natalia Réka Ivánkó
Solutions Architect and Security Engineer

Youssef Azrak
Senior Solutions Architect

Christopher Luciano
Senior Solutions Architect, KubeCon Speaker

Raymond de Jong
Senior Solutions Architect, KubeCon Speaker

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About Isovalent
Isovalent is the company founded by the creators of Cilium and eBPF. Isovalent builds open-source software and enterprise solutions solving networking, security, and observability needs for modern cloud native infrastructure. The flagship technology Cilium is the choice of leading global organizations including Adobe, AWS, Capital One, Datadog, GitLab, Google, and many more. Isovalent is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google and Cisco Investments.
To learn more, visit or follow @isovalent on twitter.